FSC® and the forests

Mobiltre is holding a FSC C019892 certificate. This certification identifies products containing wooden components coming from controlled forests, managed according to strict environmental, social and economical standards. The forest of origin has been controlled and valued independently and according to the required standards (principles and criteria of a good forest managing), established and approved by the Forest Stewardship Council® a.c. through the participation and the approval of the involved parties. FSC is an international NGO, independent and with no profit, whose members are groups of ecologists, native communities, forest owners, industries working and dealing in wooden products, scientists and technicians who cooperate to improve the forest managing all over the world. This is why, nowadays the behavior in the respect of nature is needed more and more.

Mobiltre is environmental friendly. In fact it uses a really modern equipment for recycling the wooden waste, which go into the boiler for heating the premises. Mobiltre uses raw materials with low emission of formaldehyde, in respect of people working in the production department and of customers who will choose its products.